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  • I Miss Football Song on Radio and Podcasts

    Sports Talk Radio and Podcasts

    Hey everyone, the “I Miss Football (so please wear your mask)” song is going out to your favorite Sports Talk Radio shows and podcasts today.

    Hit them up and request it, and let’s make sure we all do our part so we can enjoy some damn football!

    We will be listing the ones who are spinning it or using it in a contest shortly.

    Special Thank you the terrific Amy Trask who is the inspiration

    Thank you to Entercom, CBS Radio, The Fan, Bonneville, iheart, and many more

  • Lamar “Bubble Boy” Jackson?

    More like “Bubble MVP” – not a fan of the “boy” moniker

    The reigning MVP of the National Football League, Lamar Jackson, is taking the virus seriously. He’s been wearing a mask, social distancing, washing his hands, using hand sanitizer, and, in general, you know, being a responsible human being in America.

    Be more like Lamar Jackson.

    (Good thing the Ravens don’t play the Miami Dolphins this year – because we all love Magic City wings – looking at you, Lou Will)

    He spoke on it to NBC Sports – Washington.

  • Hard Knocks 2020 – I Love L.A.!

    Reportedly, this season will feature five episodes and kick off on August 11th, airing each Tuesday on HBO at 10 PM through September 8th.

    Liev Schreiber’s back:

    What a voice!

    The coaches seem ready:

    Anthony Lynn, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Chargers:

    “Having been part of Hard Knocks before when I was with the New York Jets, my biggest takeaway from that whole experience was that you get out of it what you put into it. There’s a reason that season was probably the most popular Hard Knocks ever. If you’re going to do a show, do it right. You can’t fake it. We didn’t have a problem providing access because we built a relationship with the crew. There was a mutual trust that exists to this day with those people, and many of them will actually be working on this year’s show. Broadcasting your internal business all over the world isn’t something you regularly want to do, but in a year with as many challenges as this one has had, I’m glad we can be part of bringing football back to the fans this summer.”

    Sean McVey, Head Coach of the L:os Angeles rams:

    “We are looking forward to having Hard Knocks in our camp this year. Hard Knocks always offers a rare opportunity for our fans to see our players’ hard work to prepare for the season, as well as gives them a peek behind the curtain to observe these guys off the field, too. This year will be special because the show will also get an unprecedented look at SoFi Stadium, Stan Kroenke’s vision for professional football in L.A.”

  • Who Dat? Zion Williamson

    Who Dat?

    This week saw the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA win the #1 pick in the draft lottery.

    It is widely assumed that Zion Williamson of Duke will go number one overall in the upcoming draft itself, taking place on Thursday June 20th, 2019.

    Sean Payton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints, started a little brou-ha-ha with this tweet about the assumed number one pick in the NBA.

    Gotta say, he looks good in the uniform. Zion would make an incredible tight end. And there is precedent of course. Some notables include: Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and the future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates.

    It would be incredibly hard to be a two-sport player in the NBA and NFL as the seasons do overlap, but a fella can dream, right?

  • MNF Auditions for Jason Witten Replacement

    We, for one, welcome this move. Love Tess, could do without Booger, but Witten had to go!

    courtesy MostlyFootball

    This was actually form Dec 2018, but damn is it funny today!

    Here’s hoping ESPN gets this next pick right. Orlovsky? Sure. Peyton, of course, but that’s a lot of work. We’d love to see Rex Ryan.

  • NFL Offseason Blues

    Already prepping some fun for 2019-2020

    So, it’s the officially the offseason. Let the boredom begin.

    The New England Patriots are the champions, yet again. The dynasty of excellence led by the greatest QB of all-time is basically established fact now. Can anything tarnish this great team? (HA! More on that in a minute)

    A coin? Really?

    Sure, there are some storylines. I mean, you have the Kaepernick settlement, and then there’s the news that he was trying to negotiate a $20 million/year deal with the XFL.

    Is it good football? That’s for the FAN to decide.

    That brings us to the AAF -the nascent football league which started on February 9th after the 2019 Super Bowl. Have you watched? I haven’t. I don’t know anyone who has. I hear Hackenburg is lighting up the league, but honestly, I don’t care at all.

    I suppose we should be excited for the 2019 NFL Combine, lord knows they are trying to sell us on Kyler Murray possibly THROWING A FOOTBALL! watch it here on the NFL Network. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of watching men work out in their underwear. It’s just not football to me. Hell, it’s not even practice!

    We had to post… this by law.


    And then there is the gift of Bob Kraft. The billionaire NFL owner of the Patriots who went to a strip mall massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida. This story will change, and there are some disgusting aspects of it, and there are morality questions around it, and there is also an underlying aspect of a laws that maybe should be changed, and basically, we aren’t going to comment on legal matters. Here is the latest.

    Which leads us to… now what?

    Well, we at Pro Football Music are already plotting on music projects for the 2019-2020 season. While basketball heats up, and baseball (yawn!) begins, we are focused on the NFL DRAFT starting on April 25th (it’s fun!) and training camp schedules.

    We have some big surprises in store for you this year.

    So, hang in there. The new season is only 191 days away. You can do this.

  • Maroon 5 to Rock Super Bowl LIII Halftime

    According to Variety, “two sources have confirmed…” that Maroon 5 will be the halftime performer at the Super Bowl. The band has yet to confirm it, (I’m sure they have to wait for the Pepsi Blessing).

    The band is currently on the Red Pill blues tour, which will inevitably see more pick up after the performance well into 2019. The North American leg of the tour ends on New Year’s Eve at the Mandalay Bay. While the band is not have a Vegas residency, this is at least the third NYE show they’ve performed in Vegas.

    Maroon 5 NYE 2018 – Mandalay Bay

    Currently, they are slated to do the Australian leg right after the Super Bowl and then off to Europe.

    Tour Dates and Tix here: Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues Tour

    Now, the big questions:

    Who will they bring on as a special guest?

    Will it be Janet Jackson?

    You might recall the band Maroon 5 performed during the Pepsi Smash Superbowl Bash at the Jobing.com Arena on January 31, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona

    Adam Levine /AP

    The band is known for many hits: Harder to Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Moves Like Jagger, Sugar, and more. Most recently they did a little somethin’ somethin’ with the hot new “it” gal Cardi-B


    Here is ThoughtCo’s list of the band’s top 10 songs Pretty sure they will touch at least 5 of these.

    Our favorite is the OG Maroon 5 song “Harder to Breathe.”

  • Can’t Wait for the New DJ FitzMagic 🔥Joint 🔥

    Leaked track listing:

    1. Slinging Rocks
    2. $3.3 Million Reasons
    3. Cinderella, IT ME!
    4. Sagittarius Swag
    5. Crimson Killah
    6. Beard 4 Dayz
    7. The Chesthair’s Mine
    8. Jameis WHo?
    9. Drippin and Droppin Back
    10. Uh-Oh FitzMagic


    Getcha some of his press conference.

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