June 2017

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  • NFL Offseason Sucks!

    Yes, it sucks. The TV is full of golf, and other sports that would fit on OSQ (Obscure Sports Quarterly). Olympic trials? Pass. Weird auto races? No thanks. Women’s College softball? Pass. Hard Pass. People riding bikes through the mountains? Umm, nah, I’m good. I mean, all of this would be perfect for the Ocho! […]

  • ESPN MNF is Bringing Back Hank Williams Jr

    After months of layoffs, tons of accusations about the network being “too liberal” and that’s why it’s losing subscribers, ESPN has decided to swing for the fences and bring back an ol’ favorite, Hank Williams Jr. to do the opening music. Now, look, he’s controversial. He basically called former President Obama Hitler. But, I’ll be […]