February 2019

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  • MNF Auditions for Jason Witten Replacement

    We, for one, welcome this move. Love Tess, could do without Booger, but Witten had to go! This was actually form Dec 2018, but damn is it funny today! Here’s hoping ESPN gets this next pick right. Orlovsky? Sure. Peyton, of course, but that’s a lot of work. We’d love to see Rex Ryan.

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    NFL Offseason Blues

    Already prepping some fun for 2019-2020 So, it’s the officially the offseason. Let the boredom begin. The New England Patriots are the champions, yet again. The dynasty of excellence led by the greatest QB of all-time is basically established fact now. Can anything tarnish this great team? (HA! More on that in a minute) Sure, […]