About Us

What the hell is Pro Football Music anyway?

Hi. We’re just best friends and musicians who also love football. We produce music for fans, brands, and networks through various projects, but this is our labor of love. When we’re not in the studio creating, we watch (and listen) to tons of NFL sports talk, we play fantasy football (one of us sucks horribly at it), and we love watching anything football related, so why not make it our job too?

We’re covering the music of the NFL. We interview players about their music tastes and what songs pump them up or chill them out for game-time. We’ll also be giving you the latest playlists around music that is used on national broadcast games and even some of the commercials that are on brainwash replay.

We are writing original songs around storylines in the NFL for fun. You can find them on this site, on our YouTube, some other music sites (coming soon), and you will hear them on the various sports networks as music for video packages and just as general fun content to talk about.

We want fans to make their own videos on YouTube with this music, tag it #Profootballmusic or #PFMmusic, subscitbe to http://Youtube.com/profootballmusic and we might feature it on the site. Or leave us a note of what song you want to hear.

Radio producers: email us to get hi-res tracks and cue sheet info to use on your show. 

profootballmusicguys (a) gmail