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    Who Dat?

    Who Dat? Zion Williamson

    This week saw the New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA win the #1 pick in the draft lottery. It is widely assumed that Zion Williamson of Duke will go number one overall in the upcoming draft itself, taking place on Thursday June 20th, 2019. Sean Payton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints, started a […]

  • MNF Auditions for Jason Witten Replacement

    We, for one, welcome this move. Love Tess, could do without Booger, but Witten had to go! This was actually form Dec 2018, but damn is it funny today! Here’s hoping ESPN gets this next pick right. Orlovsky? Sure. Peyton, of course, but that’s a lot of work. We’d love to see Rex Ryan.

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    NFL Offseason Blues

    Already prepping some fun for 2019-2020 So, it’s the officially the offseason. Let the boredom begin. The New England Patriots are the champions, yet again. The dynasty of excellence led by the greatest QB of all-time is basically established fact now. Can anything tarnish this great team? (HA! More on that in a minute) Sure, […]

  • Maroon 5 to Rock Super Bowl LIII Halftime

    According to Variety, “two sources have confirmed…” that Maroon 5 will be the halftime performer at the Super Bowl. The band has yet to confirm it, (I’m sure they have to wait for the Pepsi Blessing). The band is currently on the Red Pill blues tour, which will inevitably see more pick up after the performance well […]

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    Can’t Wait for the New DJ FitzMagic 🔥Joint 🔥

    Leaked track listing: Slinging Rocks $3.3 Million Reasons Cinderella, IT ME! Sagittarius Swag Crimson Killah Beard 4 Dayz The Chesthair’s Mine Jameis WHo? Drippin and Droppin Back Uh-Oh FitzMagic   Getcha some of his press conference. Your browser does not support iframes.

  • The Best Air Drummer Alive

    This comes by way of Prescott Rossi, who is a sports reporter in the Baltimore area. The dude you are about to see is in the Baltimore Ravens marching band. First, this dude is well into his sixties we’re guessing, and he’s a Rush fan. Love it. Second, how come all NFL teams don’t have a […]

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    Sunday Night Football New Intro – Game On – Gloves Off

    First, SNF on NBC deserves a ton of credit for finally changing the damn intro song rather than rewriting for the hundredth time. It all started with the SNF twitter handle tweeting this out. Game on! #SNF is back! Check out our brand new SNF Open, presented by @Pepsi. — SNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) September […]

  • Brad Paisley on Hard Knocks

    Hard Knocks on HBO has always been fascinating from a music standpoint. First, the music that is chosen and cleared by the amazing Christine Black-Reimel from NFL Films is always spot on. Usually a nice mix of bed cues, exciting rock, and tons of good hip-hop. This season with the Cleveland Browns has been no […]

  • HBO’s Hard Knocks to Highlight the Cleveland Browns

    Will Tyrod Taylor stand out and win the job as a veteran? Will the Browns become Baker Mayfield’s team? What impact will losing Joe Thomas have? Can they win a game, maybe two, oh gosh – THREE?!!! Well, we are going to get to see what a dumpster fire looks like from inside the dumpster […]

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    Welcome to the AAF- Alliance of American Football

    Remember that 30 for 30 documentary about the XFL on ESPN? This Was the XFL It was amazing. The dude that did it was none other than Charlie Ebersol, a terrific media guy, who also happens to be the son of Dick Ebersol, longtime sports-media exec at NBC and elsewhere. Well, all three of these […]