Brad Paisley on Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks on HBO has always been fascinating from a music standpoint.

First, the music that is chosen and cleared by the amazing Christine Black-Reimel from NFL Films is always spot on. Usually a nice mix of bed cues, exciting rock, and tons of good hip-hop.

This season with the Cleveland Browns has been no different, with expert narration by Liev Schreiber and the amazing HBO Hard Knocks film crew(s), the team itself kind of doesn’t matter, it’s still great.

For instance, this year brings us the hypnotic tummy of Bob Wiley, (Browns Offensive Line Coach)

But for our money, ohmigiosh, BRAD PAISLEY showed up.

First of all, Mr. Paisley is not just a multi-platinum country and pop star with a national profile due to commercials, he is also one of the best guitarists you’ve never seen and a Browns superfan. Seriously he is amazing.

Here he is in the Episode 3 teaser, courtesy of HBO Sports.


Anyway, you should absolutely check it out, or this guy is going to come to your house and pose.

Baker Mayfield

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