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    NFL Offseason Blues

    Already prepping some fun for 2019-2020 So, it’s the officially the offseason. Let the boredom begin. The New England Patriots are the champions, yet again. The dynasty of excellence led by the greatest QB of all-time is basically established fact now. Can anything tarnish this great team? (HA! More on that in a minute) Sure, […]

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    Can’t Wait for the New DJ FitzMagic 🔥Joint 🔥

    Leaked track listing: Slinging Rocks $3.3 Million Reasons Cinderella, IT ME! Sagittarius Swag Crimson Killah Beard 4 Dayz The Chesthair’s Mine Jameis WHo? Drippin and Droppin Back Uh-Oh FitzMagic   Getcha some of his press conference. Your browser does not support iframes.

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  • Happy Football Season

    Happy Football Season!

    The NFL has the best scriptwriters in the world, this season is no different. As Pro Football Music ramps up our coverage and creation on the music side, there are so many stories to write songs about. The storylines are everywhere: (Here are a few so far) The Commish continues to dole out punishment, resulting in […]

  • Madden NFL 17 Soundtrack is out!

    Here it is! We can confirm there are 40 tracks on the new soundtrack. Madden NFL 17 comes out on August 23rd, 2016. Listen to the playlist on EA Sports Madden 17’s Spotify channel here: Here’s a listing of the tracks included (Courtesy of EA Sports) Artist Song 2 Chainz Bounce feat. Lil Wayne 3OH!3 […]

  • Sunday Night Football Theme Song Has a New Name

    A few weeks ago, we reported that Carrie Underwood would be singing a new opening theme to NBC’s Sunday Night Football. New lyrics were being written and recorded over the music of Underwood’s hit with Miranda Lambert, “Somethin’ Bad.” Well, now we have a title: “Oh, Sunday Night” (Anyone else think of this guy?) Anyway…. As […]

  • Randy Moss – One Clap

    There is a terrific interview this morning with Randy Moss on MMQB (one of our favorite partners sites) Read the full interview with Kalyn Kahler here: “Straight Talk, Homey” He spoke about a variety of issues. On the NFL Marijuana ban: I think the NFL just needs to loosen up the rules and let everybody […]

  • Brady’s Appeal Denied

    Tom Brady … blah blah blah…. #Deflategate You know the story, here’s the outcome: 2nd Circuit’s note rejecting Tom Brady’s Deflategate appeal is short and to the point. — AP NFL (@AP_NFL) July 13, 2016     Here’s the gist, he gets four more weeks of vacation. Let’s call it a “Brady Vacation”

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    Jim Irsay Purchased Prince’s Iconic “Yellow Cloud” Guitar

    Prince’s iconic “Yellow Cloud” guitar has a new owner. Is it John Mayer? Nope. What about Niles Rodgers or another famous guitarist? Nope. It’s an NFL owner. (Of course) Jim Irsay won his bid for $137,500 at an auction in Beverly Hills over the weekend.   Now, as musicians, we normally are against rich guys […]

  • NFL and Cirque du Soleil Taking over Times Square

    So, how does the NFL expand into world markets? Simple, just team up with a French-Canadian nouveau circus act and place a huge interactive theater in Times Square. What? At first glance, after hearing this news, we were a bit befuddled. Looks kind of like the offensive line of the Jags, no? (Variety Magazine) But, […]