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  • Randy Moss – One Clap

    There is a terrific interview this morning with Randy Moss on MMQB (one of our favorite partners sites) Read the full interview with Kalyn Kahler here: “Straight Talk, Homey” He spoke about a variety of issues. On the NFL Marijuana ban: I think the NFL just needs to loosen up the rules and let everybody […]

  • NFL and Cirque du Soleil Taking over Times Square

    So, how does the NFL expand into world markets? Simple, just team up with a French-Canadian nouveau circus act and place a huge interactive theater in Times Square. What? At first glance, after hearing this news, we were a bit befuddled. Looks kind of like the offensive line of the Jags, no? (Variety Magazine) But, […]

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  • Gronk + Justin Timberlake = Video Gold

    We have a Gronk song right here, but it’s not for dancing per se; enjoy the man getting his bro down on. (Courtesy of Only in Boston)   Last night, @RobGronkowski was seen on Nantucket dancing to @JTimberlake. (via @Keepitonthaa_DL) — Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) May 30, 2016