HBO’s Hard Knocks to Highlight the Cleveland Browns

Will Tyrod Taylor stand out and win the job as a veteran?

Will the Browns become Baker Mayfield’s team?

What impact will losing Joe Thomas have?

Can they win a game, maybe two, oh gosh – THREE?!!!

Well, we are going to get to see what a dumpster fire looks like from inside the dumpster when HBO brings the Hard Knocks crew to the Cleveland Browns Training Facility in Berea, OH.

Hard Knocks usually airs the first episode of 8 in the first week of August.

The Browns were one of six teams that couldn’t decline to be the subject of this upcoming season, as per the NFL’s rules.

Those rules were simple: teams don’t have to be on the show if they have a first-year head coach, have been in a playoff game in the past two seasons, or have appeared on Hard Knocks in the past 10 years. That left the Browns, 49ers, Broncos, Chargers, Ravens, and Washington.

But, the most important question not answered is: will Liev Shreiber do the voiceover?

If not, we’re out!


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