Seton Calling Podcast

It rocks hard

We’re huge fans of the Dan Patrick show. If you watch, or listen, the man behind the music you hear is Seton O’Connor, Director of Operations. Basically, he runs all of the sound, from clips the night before to slotting bumpers, to balancing 5 live mics and call-in interviews. It’s a tough gig that goes unnoticed by most – unless there’s a screw-up.

Seton is one of the best. But, what you may not know is that he is a huge music fan with fantastic taste in many genres. From metal to punk and yes, even some pop, he is really who Dan goes to for tastemaking in music.

Well, he has his own podcast:  Seton Calling and it is killer. It’s explicit, NSFW, and unflinching. We love it. If you like your music kinda hard and you want to be turned on some fantastic bands, check it out, and subscribe on iTunes for updates

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