Sunday Night Football Gets New Theme Song

Carrie Underwood

You know the hook to the tune,  “I’ve been waiting all day for Sunday night!”

Sunday Night Football has been using a song based on “I Hate Myself for Lovin’ You,” written by Joan Jett and Desmond Child. And if you’re interested in how much that kind of placement can make for songwriters, read more here.

The theme has been used for 10 years, and sung by Pink, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood.

Fred Gaudelli, NBC’s executive producer of both Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, confirmed to the Associated Press that a new Underwood song will debut this season.

“The song had lasted 10 years, but I didn’t know how much more we could stay with the song without it feeling routine,” he said.

So, what will the new theme song be?
An original composition (as some of us producers have hoped)? No

The big news is that the new theme will be based on yet another song that has nothing to do with fopotball. The lyrics will be changed to include cheesy references to something akin to “Al and Chris are the best on TV.” (Ugh)

However, congrats the the terrific songwriters who might make a little jing: Chris DeStefano, Brett James and Priscilla Renea.

Gaudelli confirmed the new them will be based on Underwood’s 2014 song “Something Bad,” a song that featured Miranda Lambert, and oh yeah, glorifies getting blackout drunk. You know, for the kids!

It’s not a bad song as songs go, we’ll see what the lyric rewrite ends like. If you’re a fan of beautiful talented new-country songs, you’ll enjoy the video (it’s easy to look at)

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