Sunday Night Football Theme Song Has a New Name

Von Miller can’t stop, won’t stop.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Carrie Underwood would be singing a new opening theme to NBC’s Sunday Night Football. New lyrics were being written and recorded over the music of Underwood’s hit with Miranda Lambert, “Somethin’ Bad.”

Well, now we have a title: “Oh, Sunday Night

(Anyone else think of this guy?)



As anyone who has seen the opening if SNF knows, it usually includes players doing ridiculous things like palming a football and looking into the camera, or running through a robotic formation of faceless lineman. Usually, these are marquee players form the teams that will be featured in match-ups during the year.

PFM has learned that Von Miller will continue his world tour of all media by appearing in the opening sequence. Thank goodness that contract mess with Elway got done in time. (Denver has two Sunday Night Football Appearances scheduled: November 6th at Oakland and the December 25th Christmas slot on the road versus Kansas City)

There are 11 other players involved in the shoot, but Von is the only Bronco chosen to appear, solidifying his position as the new “face of the team.”  Other players chosen include, Packers’ Clay Matthews,Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, Giants’ Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr., Steelers’ Antonio Brown, Raiders’ Khalil Mack, Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson, and Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson. 

Wonder if he is going to do the dance?


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