The Best Air Drummer Alive

This comes by way of Prescott Rossi, who is a sports reporter in the Baltimore area.

The dude you are about to see is in the Baltimore Ravens marching band.

First, this dude is well into his sixties we’re guessing, and he’s a Rush fan. Love it.
Second, how come all NFL teams don’t have a marching band?!

Please to enjoy. Never be too old not air drum in public!


And just in case you’re a youngin’ that only speaks Drake Drizzle.

This is Rush.

This is the epic Tom Sawyer.

And this is arguably the best drummer who has ever rocked a kit. (We’re Bonham fans, but still it’s like 1 and 1a)

Neil Friggin’ Peart

Neil Peart (Drum Magazine/ images)

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