The Jags’ Doug Marrone – Rapper?

Spittin’ rhymes and other stuff

Doug Marrone, Assistant HC/Offense and Offensive Line coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, knows that music is important to getting his guys to perform well in the heat of summer practice.

Can a grown man jam out to “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry? Sure can.

How about the Black Crowes “Hard to Handle” cover of Otis Redding’s classic?  You bet.

Marrone, a Bronx native, is heard saying, “”Rap is a New York City thing. it ain’t nothing about race or culture, it’s New York City. Uhh!”

While we would not argue that and certainly don’t want to reignite a West coast East Coast beef, if you listen close, the track playing behind him as he drops this wisdom is “N.W.A.’s Gangsta Gangsta”

Can’t leave out “The Message” by Grandmaster Flashand the Furious Five– classic.

But have you heard Marrone spit some bars on Rick Ross’ “Hustlin'”?

Speaking of a spit, there’s a lot of it. But this video is a gift of epic proportions, courtesy of the Jags Mic’d up, and the NFL.


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