Welcome to the AAF- Alliance of American Football

New Pro Football League set to launch in 2019

Remember that 30 for 30 documentary about the XFL on ESPN? This Was the XFL It was amazing. The dude that did it was none other than Charlie Ebersol, a terrific media guy, who also happens to be the son of Dick Ebersol, longtime sports-media exec at NBC and elsewhere.

Well, all three of these guys are starting a football league. the thing is, the guy on the far left, Vince McMahon, has just been beaten to the punch by a full year.


Vince announced the return of the XFL a few months ago. But it’s not launching until 2020

Charlie Ebersol, who made a documentary about why the XFL failed, and undoubtedly talked shop with Vince McMahon about his upcoming plans,  is announcing the launch a new pro football league in 2019!

Alliance of American Football (AAF) is set to launch in February of 2019 right after the Super Bowl.

But unlike the XFL, the AAF has a CBS Sports broadcast deal and a roster of ex-NFL players in executive and advisory roles.

From Variety:

“As the Alliance of American Football launches next February we are excited to become the official television partner, adding more football to our robust programming lineup,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus commented. “With Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian at the helm we are confident that the product they will deliver will be entertaining, exciting, engaging and something that fans will really enjoy.”


Charlie Ebersol (pictured above middle) also is joining forces with his father, longtime sports-media exec Dick Ebersol (far right), who will serve on the league’s board — and previously teamed with McMahon for the XFL’s one-season run on NBC. Dick Ebersol led NBC Sports for over 20 years abd started “Sunday Night Football” for the NFL.




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